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It's second nature in today's times. We know that if we're going to spend time in the sun that we should protect ourselves. We use sunscreen on our bodies, our face, and we even shade our eyes. What about our hair? The sun's UV rays can damage hair and dry it out. And if you have colour treated hair, it could fade your colour or cause your lightened hair to turn brassy. So as the warmest weeks approach, it's worth a reminder to protect your hair, and your hair colour, during and after sun exposure.

Hair Detox

If you've been in a chlorinated pool or salt water,  thoroughly cleanse your hair to remove any chemicals, mineral deposits or product build up. Davines makes a wonderful sea salt scrub cleanser for hair and scalp which was voted a hands-down favourite by Women's Health Magazine. It purifies the hair and thanks to the sea salt, it texturizes too. And the sea salt comes direct from Mr. Culcasi's salt pond in Trapani, Italy!

UV Protection

If you'll be lounging by the water, or even tending to the garden, you can guard your hair against the damaging effects of the sun with products made with UV protection especially designed for your hair. In fact, you shouldn't use sunscreens formulated for your body on your hair unless the product's directions specifically indicate that it's safe. Otherwise you could risk discolouring your hair. Davines has created the SU line for sun protection as well as after sun care, including a a leave-in milk hair spray.

Fight the Fade

After a day in the sun, follow your shampoo with a deep conditioner or hair mask to give your hair a big boost of hydration and moisture. If you have coloured hair, especially a shade of red hair, the extra moisture will help combat colour fading. The Melu line is great for preventing colour fade, even though it is labeled as an anti-breakage line or a range for very dry hair. The lentil seed extract in MELU is sourced from the farm of Mr. Francesco Di Gesu in Villalba, Caltanissetta, Italy. Lentils are rich in nourishing amino acids which help protect and rebuild fragile hair.

To keep your red hair colour from fading, use a hair mask like The Quick Fix Circle once a week. The hyaluronic acid in this mask has a strong moisturizing power, and the 100% natural red clay is rich in iron to remove impurities. Apply it to towel-dried hair after shampooing, leave it on for 3 minutes, comb through, and rinse with cool water.

Davines after sun products for hair and body are available at Fortelli Salon in Oakville, or you can purchase them from our online store.

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