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Balayage, Ombre Hair Colour and Colour Melts by Fortelli Salon in Oakville, Ontario

If you’ve never tried balayage before, you’ll definitely notice a difference. Balayage gives a different effect vs foil highlights. With balayage, you still get that lightening effect, but the placement and intensity are different. Balayage is not as close to the scalp and focuses on the lengths of the hair. However, with 3D placement and larger sections of hair, the overall lightening effect is just as powerful. And that’s great news for darker blondes, brunettes, red hair and those with darkest brown who want dimensional highlights without all the bling of super blonde.

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What is the Balayage hair colour technique?

Balayage is more of a highlighting technique rather than an actual hair colour and can create many looks, from colour melt and shadow root to ombre hair colour.  A freehand brush technique, Balayage uses a specific type of lightener along with a highly customized placement of highlights. Our skilled colourists hand-paint highlights onto select pieces of your hair for a sun-kissed look. The balayage method is so popular because it looks great on every hair color. The balayage technique is used to create gorgeous hair colour effects like color melting. If you like that casual, grown out look to your highlights, then the hand painting technique of balayage is for you!

What Is The Difference Between Balayage & Foil Highlights? 

Traditional highlights are created by selecting pieces of hair, covering it with lightener from root to tip, and wrapping in foil, resulting in brighter, noticeable pieces of color. Balayage highlights are more about the placement. Balayage highlights are applied from midway to the tip, whereas foil highlights go from root to tip. In a balayage, the roots of the hair can be darker, that shadow root look is part of the charm.

How Much Does Balayage Cost in Oakville, Ontario?

That's a popular question and we can't provide an answer that would fit every hair salon, but we can tell you this.  Our full balayage service takes a bit more time than a full highlight, and the pricing reflects that. But given the level of customization, and the amazing grow out, we know you'll be pleased you invested a little extra. View our current hair salon pricing here.

Balayage + Foils = Foilayage

Foilayage is just a little hairdresser lingo! In order to extend dry time and get a brighter result from your balayage service, your colourist may use foil between sections of hair.  During a traditional highlight service, your colourist paints and wraps each section in aluminum foil, which warms the hair and keeps the lightener from drying too quickly. The reason for the foil, besides keeping the lightener from migrating to other sections,  is because once dry, the lightener stops working.  The foil in your foilayage extends the working time for the lightener, which creates highlights that are a little brighter and lighter.

Balayage is Not Just For Blonde Hair!

As the hair colour specialists in Ontario, Fortelli Salon in Oakville Ontario starts each colour service with a mini consultation. Our colourists will listen to your needs and assess your skin tone, eye color and your natural hair in order to guide you to the perfect hair colour. Balayage has a unique way of looking great on everyone, whether you're light blonde, deep brown or reddest of reds.  Balayage lightens and brightens around the face, giving you a virtual lift.  

On blonde hair, we do a lot of dimensional highlighting and shadow root blondes using the balayage technique. On brunette hair, caramel balayage or chocolate balayage look stunning. Balayage works well for adding pops of bright, fun colour too. Imagine neon pink, or pastel hair colours such as baby blue or purple. Whatever brilliant balayage you desire, our professional colourists at Fortelli Hairdressing Salon in Ontario can create!

Colour Melting & Ombre Hair Colour

Ombre hair gradually changes from darker at the roots to lighter at the tips of the hair. Ombre highlights looks great on natural hair colours as well as with vibrant colours.Colour melting is when several graduating shades are used from root to tip and each color seems to melt into the next. You can use any hair colours but it is especially stunning with vibrant hair colours such as midnight blues, melting into darker hair colours such as blue and green shades.

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We use the Davines professional colour line which is based on natural ingredients and is inspired by the vibrant shades found in nature.  Whatever hair colour you desire, our expert colourists at Fortelli Hair Salon in Oakville can help! Book an appointment today by calling us on (905) 847-0706.

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Balayage and Hair Colour Reviews for Fortelli Salon in Oakville Ontario

The Balayage and Colour Melt Specialists in Oakville
Cindy L
My hair and colour looked great! Maggie is amazing, it felt good to get a cut and colour after many months. The salon was clean and you felt comfortable in there with your coat covered in plastic and the staff always cleaning.
The Balayage and Colour Melt Specialists in Oakville
Cindy L
My hair and colour looked great! Maggie is amazing, it felt good to get a cut and colour after many months. The salon was clean and you felt comfortable in there with your coat covered in plastic and the staff always cleaning.
Thank you so much for coming in today. We appreciate your review and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
The Balayage and Colour Melt Specialists in Oakville
Maja M
After years of searching for a studio with skilled staff and high quality hair products, Fortelli hits the mark. I’ve been a client for the past 5 years and have *never* had a bad experience. I have long, very dark hair with layers of color on it, but when I decided to go lighter, Melissa took me down without compromising the integrity of my hair and achieved the exact look I was going for. The time is taken to really listen and consult before each appointment. I visit every 6 weeks, not because I need to, but because it is truly a great, relaxing experience and they keep my hair looking fresh and super healthy.
Hi Maja! Thanks so much for your kind words and 5 star review! We always look forward to your visits. See you soon!
The Balayage and Colour Melt Specialists in Oakville
Lynne S
Easily the best cut & colour I've had in years. Thrilled to find a stylist who has a plan for dealing with my impossible, post-chemo hair.
The Balayage and Colour Melt Specialists in Oakville
Leigh Anne
Renato was excellent! He really listened to me. My colour is fantastic. The staff were very welcoming and I will definitely be a repeat client!