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Keratin Treatments at Fortelli Hair Salon in Oakville, Ontario

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If you have coarse or curly hair, you don't need struggle with frizz anymore. A keratin smoothing treatment can relax your curl pattern, tame your frizz and leave you with an effortless sleek style.  Even if you live on Lake Ontario! Transform difficult hair into soft, manageable hair. Results last for months, so it's no wonder that women all over Oakville book a Cezanne Keratin Treatment and cut their morning styling time in half. 

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Get the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Fortelli Hair Salon in Oakville

Reduce wave and curl, eliminate frizz, add healthy shine! With a Cezanne Keratin Treatments, coarse or curly hair types can wear a smooth style. Some clients with relatively straight hair turn to this keratin smoothing treatment when they want to wear a sleek and straight style. It's not only for coarse or curly hair types. How long a Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment lasts depends on the thickness and length of your hair and ranges up to 5 months.

cezanne smoothing treatment oakville ONIt’s important to bear in mind that if you have highly textured hair, a Cezanne Hair Smoothing Service will not straighten your hair completely. This treatment is used to smooth and reduce frizz from curly or wavy hair rather than make it permanently straight. A chemical relaxer will deliver permanent results and straight hair. A keratin smoothing treatment is actually a nice break from chemical relaxers as it gives your hair a rest while still giving you that manageability you desire.

The Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment is very effective!

  • Non toxic, formaldehyde free, no harsh odors
  • Very effective on damaged, coarse or frizzy hair
  • Safe for colour treated, bleached, or highlighted hair
  • Safe to touch up regrowth after a chemical relaxer or other permanent straightening treatment

And, unlike other hair smoothing treatments, you can wash your hair immediately following your Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing service. You can even use styling products, clips, and hair ties after your treatment.

Our Cezanne Keratin Treatment Services:

  1. Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment
  2. Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment -Perfect for blonde and grey hair to reduce yellow tones.

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