certified hair extensions salon OakvilleReady for a Change?  Ready for Endless Complements on Your Hair?

Transform Your Style with Hair Extensions at Fortelli Salon in Downtown Oakville

Each year, more and more women are discovering hair extensions for themselves. Hair extensions have long been the fashion secret of fashion models, movie stars, broadcasters and anyone else who needed their hair to look fabulous in front of the cameras.  But today, thanks to technology and a growing industry, hair extensions are more accessible than ever. Women everywhere can do a little searching find a local, reputable salon that offers hair extensions. 

The Many Style Benefits with Hair Extensions

  • Add glamorous length
  • "Grow out" a short hairstyle or bangs in a single salon visit
  • Add fullness where you want it
  • Conceal thinning hair or sparse spots
  • Add highlights or pops of fashion colour without colouring your hair

Hair Transformations by Fortelli Salon

with Seiseta Hair Extensions, 100% human hair from Italy

seiseta hair extensions fortelli oakville salon
Instant Length & Dimension

This Fortelli Oakville client came in with shoulder length hair that was already quite thick. She was more interested in length than more volume. So we used Seiseta's fusion extensions which attach with a keratin bond. Overall, we added about 15 cm of hair in a texture that matched her natural body and wave. We matched her natural hair to the selection of pre-coloured shades in the Seiseta palette and used a few different shades of brunette to add dimension.

seiseta hair extensions before Fortelli Salon Oakville Ontario
Thickness & Plush Volume

Not everyone has thick, dense hair. Many women have baby fine hair and hair that tends to taper towards the ends making it look thin. This Fortelli client wanted to add more youthful fullness. Because she has fine hair, we opted for Seiseta's super lightweight tape in hair extensions, which attach to the hair using a medical grade adhesive. Tape in extensions are designed to be applied close to scalp so they work very well at building fullness around the hairline without being detectable. We matched her extensions to her natural shade of blonde hair, working in some strands of dark blonde to add dimension.

Start the New Year with a Free Hair Extensions Consultation

If you're serious about transforming your hair and find yourself curious what hair extensions could do for you, please come in for a free hair extensions consultation and talk to a pro. We can discuss your hair concerns, show you samples and shades of our hair extensions, and share ideas for your new hairstyle. And once we have a better idea of what type of hair extensions you need, the length and amount of hair required, we'll be able to tell you how much your hair extensions will cost.