Guide to Blonde Hair Fortelli Oakville

The Guide to Blonde Hair by Fortelli Hair Salon in Oakville

With all the blonde hair services we offer at our downtown Oakville Hair Salon, it's worth taking a moment to review the various ways you could go lighter, brighter and blonder. When you say "I want my hair colour to be blonder," there is a wide spectrum of possibilities. How much blonde do you want to see? Some people like hints of blonde, others want to give an overall blonde impression with natural highs and lows.  And yes, some of us can't get enough...we want all over head-turning blonde, regardless of what Mother Nature gave us.

Highlights: How and Where To Place Them

Don't get caught up in - or overwhelmed by - all the salon industry lingo. The best way to approach your journey to blonde hair or blonde highlights is to talk to your hair colour specialist. Show them photos and explain what you like about the examples you've chosen. They'll know the best technique and placement to create your desired look. Highlights can be created with a hand painted balayage technique or with a traditional foil technique, both can deliver subtle or bold results. Knowing how much blonde you want to see will help your stylist determine the type of lightener to use along with the best placement.  Adding highlights close to the root gives an all over blonder impression.  Highlights that run mid-length and to tip will be more subtle, yet will frame the face beautifully.

Highlights for Light Brown Hair, Bronde Hair, Dark Blondes

Blonde hair comes in many different personalities. Accenting dark blonde hair or lighter brunette shades with blonde highlights has a way of brightening the complexion and subtly drawing attention to your features.  Don't underestimate the power of a just a little hint of sunkissed blonde on darker hues.

Highlights on Medium Blonde Hair

Heavy Highlights for More Blonde Effect

Brighter Blonde with Dimension

When blonde hair has some contrast within the colour, we call that dimension. Highlights and lowlights, or adding foils with different shades of blonde, will create dimension. Shadow root blondes are an example of a dimensional blonde hair. A darker base color at the root is complemented with lighter highlights through the lengths.

All Over Blonde and Platinum Blonde

True all over blonde has little dimension, but that doesn't mean it's flat or boring.  Quite the contrary. All over, bright blonde is quite eye catching. It's bold and elegant. Careful, don't go platinum blonde if you're not ready for compliments!

Book a Blonde Hair Appointment with the Hair Colour Specialists at Fortelli Salon in Oakville

Call us on (905) 847-0706 or book online today. If you are new to blonde hair, or if you are planning a rather drastic transformation, please book a complimentary colour consultation so that we can explain the process, how we plan to get your hair from dark to light, and how long it might take.  Learn more about our hair consultations.

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