heart of glass collection by Davines
Heart of Glass by Davines- Your Blonde Hair at its Best!

Maintaining your beautiful blonde hair has never been easier.  Heart of Glass by Davines is designed to highlight your blonde and neutralize any brassy tones.  Not the typical purple shampoo, meet Indigo Blue,  a vibrant hue thanks to Jagua fruit of Colombia. The fruits natural hue keeps cool-toned blondes from looking warm and prevents warm-toned blondes from getting too warm. Sun, chlorine and saltwater exposure can dull your blonde hair over time. Heart of Glass will revive your shine and boost the vitality of your blonde, all while keeping the shades in balance.  And there's no risk of using it "too often." You an use it daily without worrying about chromatic overload. In other words, your hair won't ever look blue!

Heart of Glass products are available at Fortelli Salon in Oakville, or you can purchase them from our online store.