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When does Fortelli Hair Salon open?
How do I book a hair appointment at Fortelli Hair Salon?
Is Fortelli Hair Salon located downtown?
Do you offer Keratin Smoothing Treatments at Fortelli Hair Salon?
Can I have balayage or ombre hair colour at Fortelli Hair Salon?
How much do you charge for a woman's haircut?
Do you offer hair extensions consultations?
What types of hair extensions do you carry?
How much do hair extensions cost in Oakville, Ontario?

We love welcoming clients old and new into Fortelli Hair Salon in Oakville, Ontario.

We are closed Sundays and Mondays. You can see our most current salon hours here

It's very easy to book a hair appointment at Fortelli Hair Salon. You can call us on (905) 847-0706 or send us an appointment request here or send a request by email.

If you would like to book an appointment for a Hair Extensions Consultation, visit here

Yes, our hair salon and spa is located in downtown Oakville on Lakeshore Road along beautiful Lake Ontario. Our clients come from all over the Greater Toronto Area, including areas such as Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Mississauga.

We specialize in:

  • Precision Haircuts
  • Blonde Hair Colour
  • Balayage and Highlights
  • Human Hair Extensions
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatments
  • Wedding Hairstyles

You can find all of our price here

Yes, we offer the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments. We offer both the Classic Treatment and the Ultimate Blonde Treatment.

If you're new to keratin treatments, please read up on our hair smoothing service.

Yes. Our highly trained hair colour technicians are experts in balayage and ombre hair colour. Find out more about our balayage and ombre hair color services.

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See pictures of Fortelli clients in our photo gallery.

A woman's haircut and finish is one of our signature services at Fortelli Hair Salon. Our pricing is based on a level system, which means that the price of a haircut will depend on the level of the hair stylist you see. All of our stylists are skilled and competent. Their level reflects their years of experience as well as the demand for their time.

Our hair stylist levels include Senior Stylist, Director or Artistic Director

All of our hair salon pricing can be found here

You can read our reviews here

Yes, we offer a private hair extensions consultation to meet you in person, show you samples of our hair, and help you decide what type of look you want.  With that information, we'll be able to provide you with an exact quote for the service.

Learn more about our hair extensions consultation here:

Fortelli Hair Salon in Oakville, Ontario is a certified salon for the application, maintenance and removal of human hair extensions by Seiseta, an Italian maker formerly known as Euro SoCap.

We offer Keratin Bond Hair Extensions and Tape In Hair Extensions. Both provide you with beautiful, natural looking hair extensions with long term wear.

View more information about our Seiseta hair extensions services.

Hair extensions can add the plush fullness and length you desire. To see what hair extensions can do for you, book a private hair extensions consultation here:

Hair extensions are a very customized service. The cost of your hair extensions will vary based on whether we apply keratin bond extensions or tape in extensions, and will also depend on the length, density, and the amount of hair required to create your style. Learn more about our hair extensions service.

Your desired hair colour is also a factor. Hair extensions come in a range of pre-coloured options and because they are made from real human hair, they can be further coloured in the salon before they are applied. However, any hair colour adjustments or additional highlights, either to your natural hair or to your hair extensions, need to be performed before your extensions are attached. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, we prefer to colour your hair first, then apply the extensions. A hair colour application is an additional service and is not part of the cost of hair extensions.

Once your hair extensions are applied, we give you a haircut to blend in your new hair extensions with your natural hair. That doesn't mean we're cutting off a lot of hair! We are trimming the ends to make sure they look fresh and not too heavy or blunt. There is no charge for the blended haircut, it is part of the hair extensions service.

As you can imagine, it's impossible to quote a price for your hair extensions over the phone unless we've applied your hair extensions previously.  We recommend coming in for a private consultation so that we can provide you with an exact quote for everything you'd like done.

We offer a private hair extensions consultation so that we can meet each other in person, discuss the look you want, and see and feel samples of the hair.

Learn more about our hair extensions consultation, and book here.