Fortelli takes hair extensions to new lengths!

We offer the highest quality products and latest techniques to create long flowing locks of hair in a matter of hours.  We exclusively use Euro So Cap natural human hair extensions from Italy.

This unprocessed, natural hair can be blended in with your own hair with our advanced color matching process.  We can create the look you envision, with rich multi tone shades that look natural and dimensional – or an edgy artistic look that is uniquely yours.

With over 81 colours available, from natural to neon, you have a rainbow of choice to create your signature style.

The extensions are attached to your natural hair strand by strand. The extensions not only look natural, they feel natural since you can wash and style, swim, be active, wear your hair up down – just like your own hair.

For women with thin or thining hair, hair extensions add thickness and volume. Our visionary staff will match your sense of style and natural beauty to create a distinctive, high performance new look. You can add length, thickness, bangs – we can place extensions where you want them to give you the look you wish nature had.

As a main salon for hair extensions in the GTA, we offer almost unlimited possibilities to create a signature length and style that is as unique as you are.  If you are unhappy with the way your hair currently looks, in a matter of hours hair extensions can give you a completely new look you will love.

Price upon consultation