Style Solutions for Fine, Thin Hair

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Bring your hair back to life without weighing it down!

If you have fine hair, thinning hair, or hair that resists holding a style, start with the right haircut. Sometimes the smallest adjustments to your hairstyle can make the world of difference. If you're struggling with thin or limp hair, talk to one of our hairstyle experts. We can recommend a great foundational haircut and the products that will help you style it at home.

We have several volume enhancing and texturizing products at Fortelli Oakville, here are some of our favourites for clients with fine or thin hair. Now you can order online with an option to pick up in the salon or have your order shipped to you.

Replump with Plum

Try NaturalTech Replumping by Davines, which is specifically formulated for fine hair.  The plum phytoceuticals are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids to increase the hair's volume. You also get the added benefits of the antioxidants which fight free radicals while toning and elasticizing your hair. Add the Replumping Hair Filler, a leave in serum that boosts volume and protects against the flattening effects of humidity.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is a your best friend on so many levels! If you have fine hair, or if your style has gone limp, then a dry shampoo like Hair Refresh by Davines comes to the rescue.  Rice starch absorbs the excess oils in your hair and immediately leaves your hair looking full and airy.

Volumizing Mousse

This versatile mousse is great for all hair types, not just fine hair. This Is A Volume-Boosting Mousse has a creamy texture that's as light as snow, perfect for adding natural-looking body to fine hair. If you're looking for a styling product to give you a little styling control or some light definition, you'll love the moisture and bounce you get with this mousse. 

Add Texture with Sea Salt

This spray is perfect for adding body to your hair whenever you need it. Just spritz on wet hair - or even dry hair - work it in and let it air dry. It will give your hair a fuller, tousled look...maybe some beachy waves if you have a slight wave or curl to your hair. Enhances shine too!

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