The Six Fortelli Commandments

So you’ve booked a hair appointment and can’t wait to change your look.  You’re excited, we get it, and so are we!  Hair is important and helps to give us a fresh dose of confidence, its reflective of our style, and represents our identity. No hairstyle is ever permanent which gives us the opportunity to try new things, sometimes things we regret (i.e., cutting your own bangs).

We love making our client’s vision come to life, after all that’s what we are here to do!  We understand you’ve put your full trust in us, and we are dedicating our talents and professional knowledge to get you that beautiful ‘do. We pride ourselves on fostering positive relationships with every client that walks in the door.

At Fortelli Salon and Spa, we have some friendly advice that we believe will promote healthy, happy hair and help create realistic expectations.  Coming In with prior knowledge on the process will clear up any misconceptions and restore your confidence with our six hair commandments.


1 command


Like the popular saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, creating the perfect blonde masterpiece will take time to create. We know it’s hard to wait and you’re eager, but trust us when we say your hair will thank you later. The progression of going blonde comes with cost, time, and maintenance. Let us break it down for you:

  • The cost
  • If you’re going to do it make sure you can afford the up keep, every 4-8 weeks, depending on your desired blonde
  • Time
  • Depending on the type of blonde you want, it may take more than one sitting. However, patience is a virtue and healthy hair is more important.
  • Maintenance
  • Be ready to upgrade your shampoo and conditioner routine. Invest in a good duo that’s going to keep your hair in good shape ( hint: Davines Natural Tech Nourishing line)


2 commandement

As stylists we don’t know who your hair has been with and therefore we don’t know your hair history. Remember: Previous colour has to be removed to achieve a lighter look. Make sure to be as open as possible about past products, and types of colour you’ve used in the past. This will help your stylist get well acquainted with your hair.




3 commandment

Don’t be afraid to discuss your look with your stylist beforehand to achieve what you are looking for. They are here to guide you and assist you with their professional knowledge. Booking a consultation can also help set a realistic timeline for your look and give you an idea of the cost. We welcome pictures, but keep in mind everyone’s hair is unique.


moment you walk out


4 commandment

Many clients ask the question of whether or not they should come to their appointment with clean or dirty hair. There is no correct answer, it depends on how one’s hair and body reacts. Your stylist can suggest the most suited preparation for your appointment.


hair questions

5 command

At Fortelli Salon and Spa we believe there’s always room to grow and learn. Our stylists are knowledgeable, fully trained, and continue to update themselves on the latest trends. So, this means, the next time you want the Taylor Swift or the Kim K, your stylist will be ready!  They invest time into their clients’ needs which means their skill comes at a cost. We aren’t saying you need to spend a fortune to get the look you want, but be aware that quality work comes with a price tag.



command 6

Simply put, home remedies may be an inexpensive alternative, but beware they may be causing more damage and therefore making your hair more costly and timely to work on.  If a treatment is what you need, leave it up to your trusted stylist and they can help work towards a safer, cost effective solution.