Fortelli Oakville says The New “it” Mani is the The Zoya Naked Mani

Who are we kidding? Every woman loves applying nail polish. Some even love a little bio gel or shellac from time to time. With the array of possibilities to enhance your overall nail appearance and with a nail polish colour to pretty much match every special occasion who would even consider leaving their nails the oh natural way, that is bare, naked and blah?

However, sometimes, like everything, our nails too need a little TLC or, let’s face it,  they may even need a complete overhaul in the repair and rejuvenation department. Regardless, we have some excellent news for you! With ZOYA’s new naked manicure you can have the best of both worlds! You can allow your nails to take a vacay from the everyday while still keeping up with appearances.zoya-naked-manicure-5-perfectors

The ZOYA Naked Manicure system not only instantly corrects cosmetic nail problems, but it also delivers a variety of therapeutic benefits.

The naked manicure perfectors are truly the magic behind the instant results. These perfectors are pumped with diffusers, keratin fillers, micronized reflective colour pigments along with micro thin film formers. This along with the mix of finely ground pigments and vitamins and botanicals provide an ultra-sheer veil over your nails that allows your nails to carry its own natural vibrancy.

So, want to learn more about this trending mani? Allow us to break it down.

Treat and Correct Damage

  • Pitting
  • Ridges
  • Fraying free edges
  • Gel damage
  • Discolouration caused by polish or aging

 Long Term Benefits

  • Support cellular renewal
  • Improve oxygenation
  • Enhance flexibility and strength
  • Increase hydration and resilience

Vitamins, Proteins & Botanicals 

  • B5/Panthenol to improve flexibility and decrease brittleness
  • E to support cellular renewal
  • Red Algae to improve micro circulation
  • Gingko to increase oxygen exchange
  • Sulfur Amino Acid/Protein Complex to fill in pitting and cracking

Who are the Best Candidates?

  • Women transitioning from gel nails to natural nails.
  • Those looking for a flawless and natural look.
  • Professionals who would like well-groomed nails but are unable to wear polish in the workplace.
  • Clients that only want nails shaped and buffed.
  • Busy new moms who still want fabulous nails that go with everything
  • Athletes and highly active individuals looking for a durable yet natural alternative to colour.
  • Men who are concerned about well-groomed hands and nails

This is why the new it manicure is without a doubt the new Zoya Naked manicure. For more information or to book your next appointment please call us at 905-847-0706