The Manicure That Won’t Chip!

Ever go for a manicure to only discover the next day you’ve managed to chip your nails? and those pretty polished nails aren’t so pretty anymore. How about ruining them before you’ve even stepped foot out of the salon? I’m quite guilty of this one- almost as though someone tells me to wait till they dry, and in that moment i must rebel and do the exact opposite.

Well if you’re anything like me and have no patience to wait for your nails to dry then CND Shellac is the polish for you. There are so many reasons to love CND Shellac, not only does it dry instantly, it leaves your nails coated in a shine and gloss that enriches your polish colour! Your manicure can last up to two weeks (possibly longer) and your nails are just as glossy as they were when you got them done!  CND Shellac will prevent your nails from chipping, so if you are trying to achieve longer, healthier nails- it’s CND Shellac that you are looking for.

Fortelli Salon and Spa offers CND Shellac in a wide selection of colours.

We offer

  • Shellac Manicures and Pedicures
  • Shellac Mini Manicures and Mini Pedicures
  • Shellac Application on hands and feet
  • Shellac Removal

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