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  • Alchemic Conditioner Shades

    Color-enhancing conditioner for dark brown or black tones. Alchemic Conditioner Chocolate intensifies and illuminates these natural or colored dark brown shades.

  • Gift Card

    Send someone (or yourself) a gift card to let them know you are thinking of them. These gifts will NOT EXPIRE.

    Also when you purchase the $200 card enter coupon code 20years at checkout to receive 20% off to celebrate this being our 20th year in Oakville!

  • Love Curl Conditioner

    Love Curl Conditioner 250ml $37 1000ml $99- Elasticising and controlling conditioner for wavy or curly hair

  • Love Smooth Conditioner

    Love Smooth Conditioner 250ml $37 1000ml $99 – smoothing shampoo for frizzy or unruly hair

  • MELU Conditioner

    Momo Conditioner 250ml$37 1000ml$99 – moisturizing conditioner for dry or dehydrated hair

  • MOMO Conditioner

    250ml – 1000ml – moisturizing conditioner for dry or dehydrated hair

  • NouNou Conditioner

    NouNou Conditioner 250ml$37 1000ml $99- nourishing conditioner for damaged or dry hair

  • Oi Conditioner

    Oi Conditioner 250ml $50 1000ml – Roucou oil-rich conditioner with antioxidant action for soft and voluminous hair