Beauty is more than just appearance.

Everything must lead to beauty: products, services, research, human relations and emotions. Everything that makes us feel good and makes us happy is “beyond beauty”.

We wish to become part of women’s daily beauty routine, thanks to highly performing products: effective, easy to apply and long lasting!

  • Full Face $65
  • Brows and Eyes only $45

Bridal Makeup:

  • Trial only $100
  • Trial and Day of $150

The EVAGARDEN brand, the history of MAKE UP ITALY

In September 1979, Roberto Bizzocchi (our founder) was in Via Tornabuoni in Florence to start selling his new cosmetic Brand. He was about to encounter his first potential customer, trying to sell more an idea than a real product, with only a catalogue that spoke of a brand yet unnamed. And so, before entering the salon, he took a coin and went into a phone booth to call his wife, Tiziana Pezzolesi (our founder) who, on the other end of the line, worked on creating the new brand.